Transfusion Medicine


The Blood Unit, together with our Haematology Practice Nurse have a special interest in transfusion medicine. Blood transfusions and platelet transfusions, as well as the transfusion of other blood products are performed on the ward for our inpatients, or in Day Oncology for our outpatients. In Australia, blood transfusion is safe and effective, but its use requires careful consideration by the treating doctor, and a full discussion with you about the risks and benefits of transfusion. Blood products are carefully screened for their safety, and are only administered by qualified staff in a well-supported transfusion centre.

The Blood Unit has a particular interest in patients who require multiple transfusions for bone marrow disorders and other conditions. These patients have very specific health care needs and we have developed an integrated care program for our Chronically Transfused Patients to ensure that they are monitored for the appropriateness of their transfusions, and that their other health care needs such as the prevention of iron overload, the detection of autoantibodies and management of transfusion-refractoriness are all managed appropriately by our physicians. We work with the Surgical, Anaesthetic and Medical units within the Hospital to ensure that blood product transfusions are well-managed and used to their best potential.

For more information on blood transfusion in Australia, click here.

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