Post-Transplant Care


At The Blood Unit we recognise the importance of long-term care after a bone marrow or stem cell transplant.

Patients under our care who require bone marrow transplantation will often undergo their transplant procedure at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre (for transplants using the patient’s own cells), or the Royal Melbourne Hospital or The Alfred Hospital (for transplants using healthy donor cells). Where appropriate, we undertake the comprehensive long term follow up of patients post-transplant, once they have been discharged from the Transplant Clinic at their treating hospital. This long term care includes ensuring that all the appropriate post transplant vaccinations have been administered, that relevant late effects such as endocrine (hormonal) imbalances are detected and treated, that psychological follow up is provided where necessary, and that long-term linkage in with other disciplines such as cardiology, endocrinology, dermatology etc are put in place.

We also provide a comprehensive pre transplant workup and post transplant follow up service for patients who are planning to have, or have previously had transplant procedures overseas and who find themselves without appropriate Haematology follow-up on their return to Australia.

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