Assessment for Bleeding Disorders


Easy bruising or bleeding is a common complaint, and many cases are mild, and not due to any serious disorder. Some causes are serious however, so it is important to have this symptom evaluated if it is of concern to your local doctor. Patients may notice large bruises or even tiny ‘pinpoint’ bruises, or bleeding/bruising at sites where there has been no injury or minimal injury. Bleeding can also present as gum bleeding, nose bleeds, gut bleeding with blood in the vomit, red or dark bowel motions, heavy periods in women, or sometimes coughing up blood in the sputum. There are many causes of abnormal bleeding or bruising, including inherited disorders, medications (such as aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, heparin or clexane, warfarin), some herbal preparations, and some bone marrow disorders. Your Haematologist will assess these with a careful history of your medications and over-the-counter preparations, your family history, and physical examination. Further blood tests and other tests will be ordered depending on what is found at your initial visit. Bleeding disorders have many different treatments depending on the underlying cause. People with a tendency to excessive bleeding or bruising require particular care at times of surgery or injury, and ongoing follow up with a Haematologist is usually recommended.

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